Why we do not use mushroom extracts?

Why is mushroom powder from the entire fruiting body preferred over extracts?
According to a conservative estimate, mushrooms contain more than 1,000 secondary plant substances although researchers have so far only been able to specifically identify 50 of them. It is not yet clear how the respective ingredients supplement or diminish each other.

Mistakes caused by an isolated approach
As researchers tend to observe only the mode of action of singular ingredients, there is a misconception that extracts are more favorable than powder derived from the entire mushroom. For the same reason, the notion that extracts are 20 times more powerful than mushroom powder derived from the entire fruiting body is unfounded. The only viable statement is that extracts may contain higher concentrations of some ingredients. In addition, researchers are undecided on whether hot water extract, cold water extract, or alcoholic extract is the correct variant.

Natural balance and detoxification of the body is only possible with mushroom powder derived from the entire fruiting body
Depending on the extraction method, extracts contain just a few of the ingredients available in mushroom powder derived from the entire fruiting body. All other ingredients are missing from extracts.

Unlike mushroom powder derived from the entire fruiting body, extracts cannot absorb and naturally expel toxins. It is also important to note that extracts, as a rule, are derived from the mycelium of the mushroom and the mycelium lacks ingredients from the lamellae or the generative parts of the mushroom. Those are, however, of utmost importance, because to use the Reishi mushroom as an example, substances such as triterpenes can be found only in the lamellae. The extracts completely lack these substances and it is clear that mushroom powder derived from the entire fruiting body is far superior to extracts.

Mushroom Powder from the whole mushroom
Based on our holistic approach, we regard it as important to use all components of the mushroom. This ensures that important ingredients do not get lost. Thus, the complex interaction of different mushroom components won’t affected by human intervention. Only by processing the entire mushroom it is guaranteed that thousands of ingredients remain as composite and thus the intelligence of nature is fully exploited for our wellbeing.

Drying fresh mushrooms correctly
The drying method as well as the proper timing between harvest and drying are also important. This is why we only use mushroom powder from mushrooms cultivated specifically for use in our capsules. There are companies that dry and pulverize only what they do not sell on the fresh market prior to spoiling. Powder from these mushrooms does not have the same quality and ingredients as freshly harvested and immediately processed mushrooms like ours. The drying temperature is also important and must not exceed 35 degrees Celsius or 95 degrees Fahrenheit. That is why it is so important for people who want to use mushrooms to verify how they were produced and where they come from. Keep in mind the importance of all of the ingredients combined rather than focusing on just some of the ingredients. And avoid mushrooms that have been in storage too long after being harvested.