Mushroom powder from the whole mushroom

Best quality for your well-being: Mushroom powder from the whole mushroom

We are completely committed to the power of nature and for us this also includes the philosophy of wholesomeness. That is why we offer you mushroom powder from the whole mushroom, which contains all the valuable ingredients of the mushroom.

For this purpose, our sister company, MykoVital H. GmbH, cultivates organic mushrooms in Limeshain (Germany) on ecologically controlled organic substrate (control number: DE-ÖKO-006): Our organic mushrooms are cultivated on a special organic substrate consisting of untreated wood and other valuable organic ingredients. All substrates contain only gluten- and lactose-free organic ingredients, clear sterile water and purified air. Of course, no pesticides or the like are used in the process. The exact mixture of our organic mushroom substrate is unique and has been developed over decades of work.

The long way from the spore to the mature fungus
First, the BIO substrate is carefully sterilised to ensure that it does not contain any bacteria or other fungal spores. Then it is spiked with the respective mushroom spawn. It usually takes several weeks or months for the first small mushroom heads to appear. During the long ripening period, the BIO substrate is completely overgrown by the mushroom mycelium. We cultivate our organic mushrooms in optimally air-conditioned halls under controlled conditions. A constant optimal temperature and humidity provide the best ripening conditions for the mushrooms. As soon as the fruiting bodies are fully grown on the substrate, they are harvested by hand.

From the ripe mushroom to the best quality mushroom powder
The further processing of the organic mushrooms, which we grow exclusively for the mushroom powder production, takes place immediately after the harvest of the ripe mushroom. This is very important, as mushrooms can lose valuable ingredients during storage. The first step is careful drying at temperatures not exceeding 35 degrees Celsius. This process preserves all heat-resistant ingredients. Then the dried organic mushrooms are gently ground into a fine powder. 

We do not add any colouring, binding, flowing or other additives during processing, so that you receive 100% pure organic mushroom powder from the whole mushroom. The finished organic mushroom powder is then filled into cellulose capsules. Either pure with 100 % powder of one mushroom or for our mushroom powder mixtures with the powder of two to a maximum of 3 mushrooms. Finally, the capsules are filled into jars. 

This way you benefit from mushroom powder that contains a maximum of ingredients.

Mushroom mixtures
In addition to the pure mushroom powder capsules, we also offer a range of mixed mushroom powder capsules containing several of our mushroom varieties. All mixtures contain mushroom powder in equal proportions. I.e. a 2 mix contains ½ of each variety, a 3 mix 1/3 of each variety, etc.
In addition to the standard mixes found in our web shop, we also offer special mixes if you purchase 3 jars. We can produce these individually for you at your request. Please contact our MycoVital team by phone or e-mail.