Why we do not use mushroom extracts?

Why is whole mushroom powder preferable to extracts?
According to a conservative estimate there are more than 1,000 secondary plant compounds in mushrooms. However, science does not even know 50 of them in detail. It is equally unclear in what form the various ingredients complement or attenuate each other.

Mistakes by isolated approach
Since in science only the effectiveness of single ingredients is considered, the misbelief arose that extracts or extracts are preferable to the mushroom powder of the whole mushroom. Thus it came also to incomprehensible statements that such extracts are 20 times more effective than mushroom powder of the whole mushroom. It would only be correct that some substances may be present in a correspondingly higher concentration. In addition, science is not even sure whether a hot water extract, a cold water extract or an alcoholic extract is the right extract variant.

Natural balance and detoxification of the body only with mushroom powder from the whole mushroo
Independent of such details, it should be noted that of the ingredients contained in the mushroom powder from the whole mushroom, only some ingredients are contained in the extract, depending on the selected extract variant. All other ingredients are missing in the extracts.

Furthermore, in contrast to mushroom powder from the whole mushroom, extracts can no longer absorb toxins and eliminate them naturally. Another important point that speaks against extracts is that extracts are usually not produced from the fruiting body, but only from mycelium. However, the mycelium lacks the ingredients from the lamellae of the fruiting body, i.e. from the generative components of the fungus. These are however for example with the mushroom Reishi of all-prevailing importance, since e.g. the triterpenes are to be found only in the lamellar parts. The extracts lack these substances completely. In summary it can be said that mushroom powder of the whole mushroom is far superior to the extracts.

Mushroom powder from the whole mushroom
Based on our holistic approach, we attach importance to using all the ingredients of the mushroom. That is why we cultivate mycelium on millet substrate parallel to the fruiting bodies. Both powders are mixed and encapsulated. This ensures that no important ingredients are lost. Thus the complex interaction of the individual components of the fungus is not affected by human action. Only by using the whole fungus is it guaranteed that thousands of ingredients are preserved as a compound and thus the intelligence of nature is fully exploited for our well-being.

Correct drying of fresh mushrooms
The drying method and the time of drying, i.e. the time difference between harvesting and drying, are also important. That is why we use only the mushroom powder from the mushrooms that were produced exclusively for use in capsules. There are companies that dry only their goods that cannot be sold on the fresh market before they would rot and then process them into powder. Their mushroom powder naturally no longer has the same ingredients as that made from freshly harvested and immediately processed mushrooms. The drying temperature is also important and must not exceed 35°C. So if you use mushrooms, check how they were produced or where they come from. Remember, it's all the ingredients and not just a few of them. And they should also not be lost by storing them too long after harvesting!