For animal consumption only

The home of Artemisia Annua, the annual mugwort, is Asia 

Naturally pure and extra high quality
We offer you 100% natural, extraordinarily high quality Artemisia Annua powder capsules. We do not process any stems, but only the leaves of the plant, which are rich in ingredients. The careful harvesting by hand as well as the gentle drying and grinding ensure that the valuable ingredients of the Artemisia Annua leaves are highly concentrated in the powder.

The extraordinary importance of this plant for animal nutrition has been confirmed in recent years. Science has also been dealing with this plant in a very intensive way for several years. New studies on this fantastic plant are published almost daily.

When selecting our Artemisia supplier, we have been very careful and patient in order to provide your pet with only the very best quality. We obtain our Artemisia Annua from an exemplary company in Germany, which has refined this plant in many years of painstaking cultivation in such a way that the important ingredients for animals can be made available in sufficient quantities. The processing of the raw material purchased by us takes place under strict quality standards in our company in Limeshain.


  • Artemisia Annua (annual mugwort) powder*, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) capsules
    * from controlled organic cultivation

Recommended consumption:
Unless otherwise recommended, give your pet 1 capsule 3 times daily.
Keep the product away from light, closed and out of reach of small children. Protect from heat and store in a dry place.

Net dosage:
1 jar contains 93 capsules = 47 g (505 mg / capsule)

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Tolle Produkte

Eigentlich wollte ich lediglich die Folgebestellung für meinen Hunde-Bub aufgeben. Er bekommt aufgrund eines Hämangiosarkoms die ABM-Maitake-Shiitake Mischung, die ihm hervorragend bekommt. Dann habe ich kurzentschlossen noch das Artemisia Annua dazu bestellt, da eine Bekannte es aus eigener Erfahrung als gute Wahl bei Krebs empfohlen hatte. Ich habe den Eindruck es geht ihm damit noch besser. Die Produkte von Mycovital sind von einer hervorragenden Qualität und die Beratung durch das Mykotroph Institut ist genial. Danke sehr!

25 June 2022 11:33

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