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The Coriolus versicolor is also known as the butterfly bramble. As it can be found almost worldwide, it is valued in many cultures. In our special cultivation rooms, we create the ideal conditions for optimal growth of this vital mushroom - free from harmful environmental influences. For the cultivation of Coriolus we use a high-quality, strictly controlled organic wood substrate. This always ensures healthy growth and the formation of high-quality fruiting bodies - for consistently highest quality.


Long tradition

Evidence for the use of vital mushrooms can be found in various cultures all over the world. In the case of coriolus, there is very special evidence of this. The glacier man "Ötzi" already had a relative of this type of mushroom with him. And that several thousand years ago!

Worldwide distribution
Like the Reishi, the Coriolus belongs to the so-called wood fungi. These are the species that form their fruiting bodies on trees or wooden substrates. Coriolus is found on deciduous and coniferous trees all over the world. It grows on very different types of wood, both deciduous and coniferous. As the magnificent fruiting bodies with their many colours and typical growth form are reminiscent of butterflies, the vital mushroom is also called butterfly charm.

The very best wood substrate
Before forming fruiting bodies, the coriolus grows through the tree or the wood substrate. As it grows, it absorbs various substances from the wood. Therefore, it is important to use only mushrooms that come from trustworthy sources. Wild-grown Coriolus and mushrooms grown on conventional substrate may contain harmful substances. We therefore cultivate our Coriolus exclusively on high-quality, strictly controlled organic wood substrate. This always guarantees the best quality.

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