Products with our organic vital fungus Poria Cocos (Pine Sponge)


Poria Cocos has only recently made a name for itself as a vitality mushroom in Europe. In Asia, however, it has long been valued for strengthening vitality. Also known as coconut fungus and pine sponge, the mushroom grows entirely in the soil - similar to the truffle. Since it is often found under pine trees, it was given the name pine fungus. The name cocco fungus comes from its appearance. It resembles a coconut in size, shape and colour.


Poria Cocos

So far an insider tip

Poria cocos has so far only been a vital mushroom for true "insiders". Fortunately, its increasing popularity is making it accessible to more and more people worldwide. With its many valuable components, it was only a matter of time anyway that more and more people would become aware of it.

Quality prevails
Word has spread about the purity of our mushroom powder products. This leads to a situation that almost sounds paradoxical: we have been supplying our vital mushrooms to China for years. Although the cradle of mushrooms is in Asia, many Chinese prefer to trust in safe quality "Made in Germany". For us, this is a real accolade.

Constant controls
As a supplier of premium mushroom powder, we feel a special obligation to all our customers. From the substrate (the soil on which the mushrooms grow) to cultivation, harvesting and gentle drying, we have developed our own quality standards over many years. These standards go far beyond the public regulations on mushroom cultivation. Constant internal and external controls ensure that we always deliver only the very best mushroom powder to our customers.

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