Products with our organic vital mushroom AGARICUS BLAZEI MURRILL


The ABM (Agaricus blazei murrill) is a vital mushroom originally from Brazil that loves warm temperatures and sunshine to thrive. It has been scientifically researched for over forty years. It belongs to the mushroom family.

Agaricus Blazei Murrill

Native to the South of America

When the subject of vital mushrooms comes up, most people often think first of the representatives that come from Asia, such as Reishi, Cordyceps and Shiitake. In fact, vital mushrooms can be found in almost all cultures on our planet. From the coldest north - where Chaga grows in the birch forests - to warmer regions where ABM thrives.

Many names
The name of the ABM - Agaricus blazei murrill - was coined by the American mushroom researcher W. A. Murrill. However, the vital mushroom is known by many other names, which either refer to its origin or describe its growth preferences. Since it comes from Brazil, it is also called Agaricus brasiliensis. Its preference for warm temperatures and sunny places earned it the name "sunshine mushroom" (Cogumelo do Sol / Sunshine Mushroom). In its homeland, it is also called the "mushroom of life" - Cogumelo de Vida. The fine smell and taste of almonds was the reason for the nickname "almond mushroom".

A diversion into the world
Many vital mushrooms have been known for centuries in the cultures from which they originate.Their discovery and distribution often follows curious paths.In the case of ABM, it was coffee growers from Japan who brought it from Brazil to their homeland and cultivated it there. From there it spread around the world. We grow our ABM in Limeshain on straw substrate exclusively in summer.This is environmentally friendly and best suits its natural growing conditions.
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