MeineBase (MyBase) alkaline-mineral body care salt is suitable for full, sitting and shower baths, foot and hand baths, as well as wraps. Alkaline body care with an optimal pH value of the bathing water of around pH 8.5

At the time of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and the Romans, body care was alkaline. These cultures used natron, milk or alkaline soaps for body care. In former times, even the entire care of the elderly was with liquid soft soap with alkaline values of over pH 9.0. In the ancient cultures of Japan and Mexico, there was a tradition of hour-long alkaline baths that is still practiced today for the well-being of body and soul. MeineBase with a pH value of 8.0 to 8.5, depending on the starting value and hardness of the tap water, is in the longstanding tradition of alkaline body care.

For full baths, a bathing temperature of 36° - 38°C is recommended, or for foot baths 38° - 41°C. The bathing time should be 30 minutes, ideally 45-60 minutes or longer. For a full bath you need three heaped tablespoons and for a sitting bath one heaped tablespoon. One heaped tablespoon is sufficient for wraps, rinses and foot baths.

The special uses included alkaline socks, alkaline cuffs, alkaline armpit pads, the neck and forehead wrap, the alkaline body wrap, the alkaline coat and the alkaline body wrap cloth. MeineBase is also excellently suited for massage, sauna, steam bath, dental care and alkaline rinses, for beneficial body care. Alkaline salt exfoliation, e.g. after sport, as well as mild and alkaline baby and childcare, round off the spectrum of uses.

Be loyal to the ancient tradition of alkaline body care!
MeineBase has the effect of soothing cleansing and natural moisturisation of the skin, giving it a pleasant smoothness. Feel the special benefits of the contained finely ground gemstones agate, carnelian, citrine, chrysoprase, chalcedony, sapphire, quartz and onyx. MeineBase is efficient in use. Regular body rubs at ten-minute intervals with a bath brush have proven to be stimulating during the bath.

Content: 750 g

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