Formula-Z® Supplementary feed for cats


Content: 125 gram (€79.92* / 1000 gram)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Product number: 0735

Natural prophylaxis against ticks and other skin parasites

With Formel-Z® (FormulaZ), we offer you a nutritional supplement with which you can protect your cat effectively and purely naturally against ticks and other skin parasites such as mites and flees. In addition, Formel-Z® supports optimal fur care and contributes to shiny fur.

The natural vitamin B complex from yeast contained in in Formel-Z® activates the skin metabolism of your cat through its specific composition. This is associated with a change of the skin milieu and the skin odour of your pet. While this cannot be perceived by people, nor by the cat, ticks and other skin parasites are scared off by the altered skin odour and stay away from the animal. Your cat therefore receives quite natural protection against ticks and other skin parasites.

Additional benefit: beautiful skin and shiny fur

At the same time, the natural vitamin B complex contained in Formel-Z®, as well as the balanced combination of further natural vitamins and minerals from yeast, help the development and maintenance of beautiful skin and thick shiny fur.

 As Formel-Z® does not contain any chemicals, it is also suitable for cats living in households with small children.


Dried yeast, whey powder, rice starch, plant fat, tricalcium phosphate

Additional substances per kg: Vitamin B1, 7.000 mg. 

Feeding instructions:

1 to 2 tablets daily. Simply mix into the cat food or feed it by hand as a reward, because cats also love Formel-Z® as a treat in between times.

Counter indications:

Formel-Z® nutritional supplement for dogs contains yeast as a main component and is therefore not suitable for animals who suffer from epilepsy.




125 g = approx. 83 tablets

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