What drives us!

Organic vital mushrooms of the highest quality

Especially in today's high-tech world, more and more people are striving to live in harmony with nature again. And there is a good reason for this! After all, we humans have made use of the rich gifts of nature for thousands of years and have done well with it. Mushrooms were not only highly valued in ancient China, they were also discovered during the Ötzi discovery and many wise people in Europe knew about the value of mushrooms. Today, it is known worldwide how precious they are.

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The basis - nutrition

Why is a balanced diet so important?

A balanced diet is the basis for a satisfied life. Only in this way can we provide our bodies with everything we need to feel good all over. Since time immemorial, mushrooms have therefore been an integral part of many traditional nutritional teachings and even today it is impossible to imagine a holistic diet without them.

 Take advantage of our family's 50 years of experience in growing our own mushrooms. We use a special production method that has been passed down from generation to generation. This means that you always receive top-quality natural products from the world of nutrition and mushrooms. Your satisfaction and the improvement of your quality of life are the top priority for the MycoVital team. We contribute to this by means of organic vital mushrooms and other natural products.

What drives us!

Who we are

MycoVital is a family business based in Limeshain near Frankfurt in Hesse. Owner Christian Schmaus practically grew up with mushrooms. His father, the owner of a mushroom farm, gave him a passion for mushrooms.

After almost 50 years of research and cultivation, we can proudly offer 14 pure organic vital mushrooms in the form of powder capsules, which are grown and processed exclusively in Germany. The exciting thing about our mushrooms is that we are far from knowing all their properties and characteristics. Every day we optimise our processes and scrutinise the individual steps of cultivation. 

In addition to our mushrooms, we place particular emphasis on environmentally friendly production. To keep the energy demand of our cultivation as low as possible, mushrooms that prefer warm temperatures are grown in summer. A specially developed sterilisation system for the substrate as well as photovoltaics help to put less strain on nature.

What drives us!

Our quality promise

Thanks to the control of the entire production process, from the seed to the filling of the capsules, we ensure that you always receive optimal organic quality. This is ensured by the high-quality organic raw materials, the use of fresh, ripe and whole mushrooms as well as their careful processing. This includes, above all, gentle drying and grinding so that all valuable ingredients are preserved. This means that our mushroom powder capsules are free from any preservatives.

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Mycovital is synonymous with

Products of the highest quality

The particularly strict internal and external quality controls of certified food laboratories as well as the state food monitoring authorities, which are required by law in Germany, ensure that you always receive products of the highest quality. Our organic production is certified annually by a Europe-wide approved organic inspection body (DE-ÖKO-006). We manually fill the all-natural organic mushroom powder into cellulose capsules. This elaborate process means that we do not need any flowing, binding or auxiliary agents. You receive 100% pure organic mushroom powder from us. We also deliberately avoid the tablet form, as fillers and binders are required for their production.

 We guarantee: All our mushroom powder capsules are filled in cellulose capsules and are 100% gluten-free, lactose-free and gelatine-free. They are therefore also ideally suited for vegetarians and vegans.


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