Products with our organic vital fungus Coprinus (Schopftintling)


Coprinus comatus often grows in meadows as well as in forests and front gardens all over Europe. It is known to many people by the name of Schopftintling. With this extremely sensitive vital mushroom we pay special attention to a fresh, very fast and yet careful harvest and immediate processing. The many years of experience of our employees help us to always be able to offer you Coprinus in the very best quality.


Particularly fast processing

Coprinus really needs to be processed quickly, because this vital mushroom grows very fast. Once it is fully grown, it immediately begins to decompose again. In a short time, it turns into a dark liquid that looks similar to ink. This is where its name "crested tintling" comes from. In order to be able to supply you with Coprinus of the highest quality, our experienced staff walk through the harvesting areas several times a day and collect the fully grown specimens immediately. Special care is required here, as otherwise the fruiting body will quickly develop bruises.

Cultivation only in winter
It is particularly important to us to act ecologically and in a way that is as climate-friendly as possible. In order to keep energy consumption as low as possible, we grow Coprinus exclusively in the cold season. In this way, we accommodate its natural growth preferences and protect the environment at the same time. Of course, you can still obtain this vital mushroom from us all year round. The mushroom is preserved by careful and particularly gentle drying and filling into capsules, whereby all valuable ingredients are preserved.

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