Products with our organic vital mushroom Polyporus (Oak Hare)


Polyporus umbellatus can be found in many parts of the world. Nevertheless, it is difficult to cultivate in organic quality, as it is a very sensitive representative of the vital mushrooms. Its many bio-vital substances, however, make cultivation particularly worthwhile. Since not every producer succeeds in organic cultivation, the harvest of Polyporus is always awaited with special joy and appreciation in our team.

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A real mimosa

We are particularly proud of the organic cultivation of our Polyporus, because the cultivation of this vital mushroom is a small feat. Unlike shiitake or reishi, polyporus is very sensitive. You can definitely call it the mimosa among mushrooms. This is the reason why only a few producers worldwide are even able to grow Polyporus in organic quality and deliver it to the customer in sufficient quantities. The fact that we are one of these suppliers is thanks to our numerous experienced employees who have dedicated themselves to organic cultivation for years with an infinite amount of heart and soul.

Good soil - many good ingredients
With Polyporus, two things are particularly important and decisive for successful cultivation: the right substrate and specially adapted growing conditions. The organic substrate (the soil on which the mushrooms grow) needs an individually adapted composition for Polyporus cultivation. Fruiting bodies (the visible parts of the mushrooms) will only form if all the substances important for growth are present.

Specialised cultivation
When it comes to growth conditions, the right temperature and humidity in the corresponding growth phases are particularly important. Over many years, we have succeeded in adjusting the cultivation in such a way that we can give the Polyporus ideal conditions according to biological guidelines. For a high-quality mushroom powder of the best quality - Made in Germany.