1000 ml natural moor for animals + 100 ml Gurwavet FREE

The SonnenMoor animal moor for dogs and cats (animals) is many things, but one thing it is certainly not: for the cat! On the contrary, our animal moor for animals contains many valuable substances and humic acids 21.3% in dry matter, which are naturally contained in the moor (peat). The pure natural product is of course free of chemical additives, because for our dearest pets only the best is good enough for us. Dogs and cats love the natural peat for animals and even if they refuse their food - they instinctively eat the animal peat for dogs and cats. Probably they just feel that it is good for them. By the way, you can rest assured: overfeeding with liquid moor is not possible!

- Single feed for all animals
- Supports the change of coat
- Well-being for the animal intestine
- Ideal also for BARF



Moor (peat, liquid)
Made from high-quality moor from the Leopoldskroner Moor near Salzburg, approved according to the Salzburger Heilvorkommen- und Kurortegesetz 1997.

Analytical constituents:
Crude fiber 1.4%, crude protein 0.6%, crude fat 0.1%, N-free, extractives 2.7%, sodium 0.012%, moisture content 95.1%.


Feeding recommendation:

The application of animal moor for dogs and cats: Stomach, intestines - Mix into drinking water or a daily ration of food. Dosage depends on the size of the animal. Shake before use. Any odor after opening does not affect the quality.

Dog and cat up to 5 kg body weight 1x 2,5 ml/kg*

Dog and cat from 5 kg body weight 1x 1 ml/kg*

Chicken, duck 1x daily 2,5 ml/kg*

Rodent 1x daily 2,5 ml

Ornamental bird 1x daily 1 - 2,5 ml/kg*

Bee colony 1x daily 20ml


* ml/kg body weight of your animal

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2 January 2024 08:27

Wie alle Produkte von Sonnenmoor sehr gut! Ich würde mich freuen, wenn noch mehr Produkte in das Sortiment aufgenommen würden. So kann ich den Einkauf für mich und mein Tier kombinieren!

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