Niermy tea produced by SonnenMoor is a pure natural product that is free of any additives and flavouring. The herbal tea blend consists of valuable herbs in pharmacopoeial quality and can be drunk as a support for problems with the abdomen and excretory organs, in combination with the liquid herb extract Niermison. The harmonising ingredients of this kidney and bladder tea come from valuable herbs such as cleaver, lady’s mantle, yarrow, deadnettle, chamomile, marigold, anserine and hemp-nettle. Enjoyed as a daily tea, this diuretic tea supports normal urinary function. Owing to its wide range of uses, the Niermy tea should be part of every home medical cabinet. Niermy tea is popular among women.

✓ Supports the metabolism
✓ Cleanses the kidneys and urinary tracts 
✓ This tea has a slight diuretic effect 
✓ Can stimulate the activity of the kidneys and bladder 

Substances / ingredients:
Cleaver, lady’s mantel, yarrow, deadnettle, chamomile, marigold, anserine, hemp-nettle

Additional information: 

✓ Free of artificial colouring
✓ Free of artificial flavouring
✓ No preservatives
✓ No added sugar
✓ Fructose-free

✓ Lactose-free
✓ Vegan
✓ Gluten-free
✓ Does not contain moor

• store tightly closed and dry
• out of the reach of children
• in an indoor place away from heat and sunlight

Brew 2 heaped tablespoons of tea with 1000ml of boiling water (100 degrees Celsius) for 5-10 minutes, strain and enjoy.

drink 1 litre of tea over the course of the day. 

Filling quantity:  
50 g

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