Products with our organic vital mushroom CORDYCEPS (caterpillar mushroom & pupa seed)

BUY CORDYCEPS MUSHROOM (caterpillar fungus)

The home of Cordyceps is the Tibetan highlands. It was originally discovered there by yak herders. Its name translates as "caterpillar fungus". This is due to the fact that the specimens growing in the wild thrive on caterpillars. However, as these are about the same price as gold, we use cultivated organic cordyceps of the same species for our capsules. This way you can be sure that you are getting an organic product of the highest quality.


All organic

We put two different types in our mushroom powder capsules: the Cordyceps sinensis (caterpillar mushroom) and the Cordyceps militaris (puppet mushroom). Both mushrooms are cultivated in very high organic quality. This ensures purity and special quality.

Enormous demand
Cordyceps is now in great demand worldwide. The demand far exceeds its natural occurrence. As a result, the price for a gram of wild Cordyceps is as high as for a gram of gold. By cultivating the mushroom, it is possible to give everyone access to its valuable ingredients for an affordable price. The MycoVital organic Cordyceps capsules contain the same species of Cordyceps as in nature.

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