Growing in harmony with the environment

If possible, everything from the region

The word home has a very great meaning for us as a family business. We are rooted in the region and the people here, and above all we want to create regional jobs and secure them in the long term. Many of our employees have been working in our company for decades and appreciate both the short commute and the family atmosphere. Besides the positive effect on the climate and the strengthening of the business location, a good work-life balance is important to us. In our own small farm shop, we sell freshly harvested mushrooms and organic products from the region. But it is not only a place to go for high-quality food, but also a place to get the latest gossip from the neighbourhood.

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We use our own energy

Grow but conserve resources

For the cultivation of our organic vital mushrooms, we obtain the raw materials such as maize or wood chips from regional suppliers. This means we have short transport routes and can support local farmers and local businesses. 

There are many small levers you can turn to make a company sustainable. For example, our production and all of the company's vehicles are powered by electricity generated by our own photovoltaic system (200 KW). We can therefore do without combustion engines to a large extent. In addition, heat-loving mushrooms that thrive at high temperatures are only grown in summer. Cold-loving mushrooms in the cold season, in order to be able to save heating and cooling energy.


Two combined heat and power plants, which use the principle of cogeneration, ensure a higher degree of energy utilisation. This sustainable organic cycle ensures balanced and optimal value creation in harmony with nature and our local partners.

A good choice from the inside and the outside

We are not there yet, but we are on the right track.

A good product is one thing, but what about the packaging? We try to avoid plastic wherever possible and use recyclable materials. Our powder is filled in cellulose capsules and is therefore 100% vegan. 

In addition to using glass bottles, we want to design the packaging boxes to be as material-saving and environmentally friendly as possible. Of course, we have not yet reached the end and are constantly optimising our packaging boxes, shipping companies and materials.

We rely on natural impulses

Working in harmony with nature

We trust in the power of nature and use Grander water for our production. We believe that water pressed into pipes and conduits loses its vitality and energy. The water revitaliser gives natural impulses to the inanimate water and thus enhances it biologically. 

Our vital mushrooms can thus grow optimally. Sustainability is a continuous process that is never finished. We work daily to offer you the highest quality in harmony with the environment.

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