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Chaga has been known for centuries for its extraordinary properties. It has a firm place among the peoples who live in the subarctic regions of our earth. In Europe, it is known as the "Schiefer Schillerporling". It grows on birch trees and forms tubers up to 40 cm in size. Particularly high-quality chaga is found in the northern forests of Finland. Here, the naturally growing vital mushroom is still harvested by hand by the people.


Chaga Gold

At home in the north

Chaga has been known as a vital mushroom for many centuries. There are reports about it mainly from the regions where it grows - mostly on birch trunks. These include northern regions such as Canada, Russia and Scandinavia. It is particularly appreciated by the people living there.

Scientifically researched ingredients
Vital mushrooms have increasingly been the focus of scientific studies in recent decades. It is worth noting that research on Chaga has been going on in Russia since the 1930s.

Natural origin
We at MycoVital attach particular importance to the highest quality of our mushroom powder products. Our Chaga Gold comes from the natural occurrence areas with sustainable wild collection in Finland and from controlled organic cultivation in the USA. It therefore meets all strict German and European organic standards. The strict quality control, processing and encapsulation of the mushroom powder takes place here at our site in Germany.
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