Products with our organic vitalising mushroom MAITAKE (rattling sponge)


For a long time, this vital mushroom was only known to connoisseurs. Today, maitake is just as well established as, for example, the much more popular reishi. This is due to its many valuable components. The scientific name of this vital mushroom is Grifola frondosa. In German-speaking countries, it is also known as Klapperschwamm. It is rarely called Laubporling or Spatelhütiger Porling. It belongs to the wood fungi and is cultivated by us in Limeshain exclusively on high-quality organic wood substrate.


The insider tip among vital mushrooms

Unlike the classic Reishi, Shiitake or Cordyceps, Maitake is still one of the lesser-known vital mushrooms. And not without reason. Insiders have long appreciated this mushroom for its taste and its many valuable components.

A touch of fantasy
Many vital mushrooms are shrouded in legends and myths. Of course, this has much to do with the fact that mushrooms were already highly valued by primitive peoples in the past. Their appearance and growth were difficult to predict. Moreover, the components were not yet studied as they are today. This led to the creation of numerous myths. A Japanese fable tells of nuns who got lost in the forest and used maitake as a strength-giving food.

Challenging cultivation
The cultivation of this vital mushroom is a bit of a challenge. It is extremely demanding in the formation of its fruiting bodies. It is only thanks to our decades of experience in mushroom cultivation and close-to-nature organic cultivation that we can always provide our customers with the best quality maitake. Cultivation takes place exclusively at our location in Limeshain, Hessen. Our cultivation guarantees the control of all stages, from the organic substrate to the finished mushroom powder. So we know 100% what goes into our capsules.

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