Products with our vital organic REISHI mushroom (Shiny Lackporling)


Our Reishi capsules contain only gently dried mushroom powder from the whole mushroom, including the all-important spores. The vegan capsule casing protects the powder from moisture and is ideal for proper portioning. We cultivate Reishi exclusively at our site in Limeshain, Hessen, on a special organic wood substrate. Cultivation takes place according to the strictest quality guidelines and in compliance with the EC organic regulation. Mixing with other viable mushrooms takes place under particularly strict hygiene rules and constant monitoring. This ensures that you always receive a safe and high-quality product.



What is special about the reishi: its spores

Unlike most other mushrooms, the spores of the Reishi are found on the upper side. They are carefully removed from the fruiting bodies by our employees in elaborate manual work with a brush and mixed in again after drying. In this way, we ensure that the tiny spores are not lost during the drying process and that the full range of all the mushroom's ingredients is available to our customers.

Organic cultivation in Germany
We cultivate our organic Reishi exclusively in Limeshain, Hesse, in accordance with the EC Organic Regulation. Through immediate, fast and careful processing, we guarantee the preservation of all important ingredients for the very highest quality!