Products with our organic vital mushroom Shiitake (Lentinus edodes)


The shiitake is considered the "king of mushrooms" and is regarded as a delicacy in Asia. MycoVital was one of the first European suppliers to cultivate the organic shiitake outside the traditional areas of origin. We still cultivate this valuable vital mushroom at our company headquarters in Limeshain, Hesse. Our many years of experience in cultivation are of particular benefit to us, as this vital mushroom is very sensitive. We cultivate the organic shiitake exclusively for use in capsules.


Support for well-being

Shiitake is a mushroom with a particularly long tradition. In Asia, people also refer to this medicinal mushroom as the "king of mushrooms". It owes its name to a tree, because translated from Japanese, shiitake means "passani tree mushroom". In China, however, it is called Shiang Gu. This means "fragrant mushroom".

Shiitake is used in Asian and now also international cuisine. Above all, it is considered a particularly delicious medicinal mushroom. Its savoury aroma is highly appreciated by chefs. It is also a welcome alternative to meat for vegetarians.

MycoVital has many years of experience in the cultivation of organic shiitake. We were one of the first companies to cultivate this mushroom outside the traditional cultivation areas. Our extensive knowledge is of particular benefit to us here, as the shiitake is an extremely sensitive mushroom. It requires a great deal of sensitivity to cultivate. The special thing about our organic shiitake cultivation is that we cultivate the medicinal mushroom exclusively for use in capsules. This allows us to optimise the time of harvest.
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