Product description: Myco Alkaline Powder Forte

Food supplement with valuable alkaline minerals - including potassium, calcium as well as magnesium - and other important micronutrients.

Myco Alkalizing Powder was developed on the basis of current scientific findings in the field of mineral vital substance supply, immune modulation and acid-base balance. It contains purest, natural, finely ground dolomite rock as a source of minerals, potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, molybdenum, chromium, iron, copper and manganese in bioavailable forms. Furthermore folic acid (vitamin B9) and valuable ABM-vital mushroom powder. For the basic supply of the 12 important micronutrients, the consumption of 10 grams of Myco Base Powder per day is sufficient.

Exemplary effects of selected ingredients of Myco Alkalizing Powder:

  • Potassium supports the regulation of acid-base balance, is important for energy metabolism, normal nerve and muscle function, and promotes healthy blood pressure.
  • Calcium is necessary for the formation and maintenance of bones, teeth and skeletal structures, as well as for normal nerve function. Furthermore, calcium is important for blood clotting, supports normal blood pressure, may support normal growth and development of intestinal cells, and contributes to weight control.
  • Magnesium is important for healthy energy metabolism, heart and muscle performance, normal nerve function, and the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth.
  • Iron strengthens the body's immune system, is important for carbohydrate metabolism and blood formation, and in competitive sports (hemoglobin formation, oxygen transport)

Calcium (tri-calcium citrate 4-hydrate), Potassium (tri-potassium citrate monohydrate), Magnesium (tri-magnesium dicitrate), Dolomite Powder, ABM (Agaricus blazei murrill), Zinc (Bysglycinate), Iron (Ferrous Fumarate), Selenium (Sodium Selenite), Molybdenum (Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate), Manganese (Manganese Sulfate), Copper (Copper II Citrate), Folic Acid, Chromium (Picolinate)

Recommended intake:

Stir 10 g daily - equivalent to about 1 tsp - into plenty of still water and drink before a meal. Do not exceed the indicated daily intake.


Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet Please store in a cool, dry place, well closed and out of reach of small children.

Filling level technically limited. Store can in a dry place!

Filling quantity:  
280 g (28 servings)

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13 September 2021 12:33

2 October 2021 15:09

18 March 2022 10:39

5 July 2023 12:37

18 April 2022 10:59

mein liebster hat immer stresss und hatte viel säure sogar in der nach quelte er sich mit aufstossen und jetzt nimmt er seit 2 monaten täglich eur wunder basenpulver es is um 80 prozent besser!wir machen weiter dankeeee!

bestes basenpulver überhaupt!

5 October 2021 06:48

27 March 2022 13:59

23 August 2023 18:33

15 June 2021 09:19

Scheint alles gut zu sein

Wie soll ich meine Meinung kundtun!! Habe eingenommen und merke erst mal nicht viel, denn der Körper nimmt sich ja das was erbraucht!! Ansonsten fühle ich mich Ok, was ja wichtig ist und die Wirkung kennzeichnet!! Mit dankendem Gruß H.R.

20 June 2021 09:35

Dieses Basenpulver habe ich auch noch zu wenig eingenommen um eine Bewertung abgeben zu können

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