Products with our organic vital mushroom Pleurotus (oyster mushroom)


The vital mushroom Pleurotus is often known from the vegetable department of selected supermarkets. As an oyster mushroom or oyster mushroom, you can find it in well-stocked retailers and at farmers' markets. Of course, not every fruiting body is suitable for use as a medicinal mushroom in capsules. Strictly controlled cultivation according to organic guidelines is important. We only use fully ripe mushrooms for our mushroom powder, which are gently dried immediately after harvesting. In this way, all important vital substances are preserved. For the very best quality - Made in Germany - the Pleurotus ostreatus is grown exclusively at our company headquarters in Limeshain, Hesse.


Worldwide distribution

The oyster mushroom can be found almost everywhere in the world. It grows in clumps on hardwoods. It is also widespread as an edible mushroom. Next to the shiitake and the button mushroom, it is the most commonly cultivated mushroom. The increasing popularity of vegetarian and vegan diets means that this delicious mushroom is becoming more widespread. It is used in many dishes as a tasty meat substitute.

Special purity and high quality
The special purity of the mushroom powder is important for use as a medicinal mushroom in capsules. In order to achieve this, we attach great importance to carefully controlled "ingredients" for our mushroom cultivation. We therefore only use high-quality organic substrate (the "soil" on which the mushrooms grow). In addition, only purified water and filtered air get to the mushrooms. This is how we succeed in producing absolutely pure mushroom powder - free from harmful substances - for your health.

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