Products with our organic vital mushroom Auricularia (Judas Ear)


The vital mushroom Auricularia polytricha also goes by the names Judas Ear and Chinese Morel. Many people also know it as the "Mu-Err mushroom" in Asian soups and vegetable dishes. The widespread vital mushroom is one of the first species to be cultivated. Reports on it have existed since the 6th century. It is characteristic that Auricularia loses a lot of its volume when dried. The consistent organic cultivation at our company headquarters in Limeshain always guarantees you the highest quality Made in Germany.


The name Judas ear

As with many other mushroom varieties, there is an origin story to the name of this vital mushroom. In German it is called "Judas ear". The origin of this name probably lies in the fact that the biblical apostle Judas is said to have hanged himself from an elderberry tree. Auricularia is often found on elderberry trunks. In addition, its growth form is reminiscent of an auricle. This is how the name Judas ear came about.

Even before the mushroom
Auricularia is found all over the world. This vital mushroom was one of the first mushrooms to be cultivated, many centuries before the mushroom. It is especially used in Asian cuisine. Here it is often added to soups and thus has an enormous culinary following.

The cultivation of our Auricularia
As this mushroom thrives in nature on trees, it naturally requires a wooden substrate for its growth. This is a decisive advantage of our controlled cultivation. We know exactly what is contained in our organic wood substrate. This is the only way we can guarantee that our organic Auricularia mushroom powder is free of toxins. It only receives filtered air and purified water for its growth. In this way, we can also safely exclude any potential pollutant contamination - in line with our demand for the very highest quality.
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