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Hericium is a vital mushroom that has been known for centuries. As it is very sensitive, we only entrust its cultivation to particularly experienced staff. An optimal balance of temperature and humidity is particularly important for this precious mushroom. Harvesting is of course only done very carefully by hand when the whole fruiting body is ripe, which our employees recognise by the fact that it begins to shed its white spores. Then it is sure to contain all its valuable ingredients.


Coral mushroom, hedgehog's goatee, lion's mane

Many names - one mushroom. The Hericium is one of the vital mushrooms for which there are probably the most and also exceptionally flowery names. This is because its fruiting bodies are very unusual and at the same time particularly aesthetic. They fascinate people by their appearance alone. As an edible mushroom, Hericium is found in upscale cuisine. This noble mushroom is increasingly available at weekly markets and in selected vegetable departments. It is often breaded and fried in the pan like a schnitzel.

Optimal growing conditions
Like the Reishi, the Hericium is a so-called wood fungus. This means that it grows exclusively on woody substrates. This includes tree trunks, branches or - as is the case here in Limeshain - high-quality organic wood substrate specially designed for mushroom cultivation. The Hericium is a very sensitive fungus. This is also a major reason why it is hardly ever found in the wild.

Years of experience
To prevent it from drying out, the temperature and humidity must be precisely adjusted and very carefully controlled. Through our years of experience, we can guarantee that the vital mushroom grows optimally and contains all its components at harvest time.

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