L'FERRIN - Lactoferrin CLN (Clean)


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Lactoferrin is a true multi-talent

Lactoferrin is a multifunctional iron-binding glycoprotein and, as an immune protein, is older than mankind itself. We therefore see lactoferrin as the ideal companion in the modern world. Even as infants, we absorb it through our mother's milk. Thanks to the gastric acid-stable capsule, L'FERRIN reaches where it is needed, namely the center of our immune system - the intestine.

- The ideal companion in the modern world
- State-of-the-art extraction and purification process for highly purified lactoferrin with maximum purity
- Lactose-free, without artificial additives, registered on the Cologne List®

All mammals produce lactoferrin. We extract our lactoferrin from cow's milk in a resource-saving way and purify the protein in a gentle multi-step purification process to filter out impurities. In this way, we remove, for example, attached parts of bacteria and their components. To prevent lactoferrin from becoming unusable after ingestion in gastric acid, we use a gastric acid-stable capsule. Thus, it is absorbed only in the small intestine, where it can unfold its full spectrum.

Directions for use:
Take one capsule (total 400mg) 2 times a day with 150 ml of water on an empty stomach if possible. The first portion directly after getting up. The second portion 30 minutes before the last meal or before going to bed.

Net dosage:
1 glass of 120 capsules = 27.6 g (200 mg / capsule) or
1 glass of 60 capsules = 13.8 g (200 mg / capsule)

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L'FERRIN - Lactoferrin CLN (Clean) L'FERRIN - Lactoferrin CLN (Clean)

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L'FERRIN - Lactoferrin CLN (Clean) L'FERRIN - Lactoferrin CLN (Clean)
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