A look behind the scenes

Exciting insights into our production

The trust of our customers, maximum transparency and a safe natural product of consistently high quality are our top priorities. Our new production video gives a detailed insight into what we love: We show you our elaborate cultivation of BIO vital mushrooms in Limeshain near Frankfurt am Main. MycoVital is the only supplier that grows vital mushrooms in Germany. The production of our organic mushroom powder capsules is carried out according to particularly strict quality criteria. 

The video shows the extremely careful and gentle processing of the controlled organic ingredients. The ripe, freshly harvested mushroom is dried immediately after harvest in our special, gentle drying process, gently ground into powder with a water-cooled mill and filled into HPMC capsules. There is no intermediate storage (e.g. in cold storage). Due to the immediate, fast and gentle processing, we guarantee that all important ingredients are preserved and that the mushroom does not lose its natural, useful properties for human nutrition. We will also show you our new and greatly expanded production halls. Furthermore, you will learn what is special about MycoVital BIO vital mushroom capsules: the renunciation of extracts and the use of the whole mushroom instead. As a result, MycoVital mushroom powder capsules contain a much higher range of valuable ingredients.

Cultivation and processing

Every vital mushroom is unique


Our vital mushroom Hericium is cultivated on our farm on a wooden substrate specially made for it. Harvesting is done by hand for this delicate mushroom and must be done at a specific time. Watch our video and learn even more.


The spores of the Reishi are found on the upper side of the fruiting body. They are harvested by hand with a small brush and mixed back into the powder after drying. This is how we ensure that our mushroom powder capsules contain all the important ingredients. See for yourself how elaborate the cultivation of our rice is.


Do you already know the fifth taste note that can be perceived via the tongue, umami? Shiitake is one of the best-known vital mushrooms, and not just because of its fine aroma. Learn much more in our video.


The Corpinus is an extremely sensitive vital mushroom and we pay special attention to a fresh, very fast and yet gentle harvest and immediate processing.