WurzelKraft is a natural plant-based foodstuff that comes in the form of granules. In addition to valuable flower pollen, it contains  a plant mixture of over 100 ingredients such as herbs, vegetables, fruits, spices, seeds and salads.

The refined recipe:
The new WurzelKraft scores with high-quality ingredients from controlled organic cultivation and delights with a unique taste experience. The new blend of the spicy and fruity varieties gives WurzelKraft a uniquely harmonious note. Its taste goes well with both savoury and sweet dishes and is a high-quality and delicious refinement for any dish. Try it out for yourself and be inspired by our recipe ideas!

The diversity of nature is limitless and irreplaceable!
The plant has been available to man as living food since time immemorial. Over thousands of years, our organism has developed in accordance with nature and adapted to a plant-based diet. Each plant is valuable on its own. However, each plant only has its own typical ingredients. It is only the targeted combination of many plants that provides us with the whole wealth of the plant world. That is why in WurzelKraft more than 100 selected plants are combined to form an ingenious blend.

The recipe for WurzelKraft:
Flower pollen* 32.5 %, fruits 24.3 % (apple*, pineapple*, mango*, raspberries, blueberries*, acerola cherries*, oranges*, cranberries*, blackberries*, apricots*, Orange peel*, cranberries*, lemon peel*), pumpkin seeds*, lupins*, sweet almonds*, sunflower seeds*, herbs 2.8 % (liquorice root*, dandelion herb*, hop flowers*, Buckwheat herb*, galangal root*, wild garlic herb*, nettle leaves*, psyllium*, lovage leaves*, rosemary leaves*, thyme*, hyssop herb*, tarragon leaves*, eucalyptus leaves*, Melissa leaves*, Horsetail herb*, Yarrow herb*, Vine leaves green*, Artichoke herb*, Basil*, Savory*, Watercress*, Dill tips*, Vervain leaves fragrant*, Elderberry blossoms*, currant leaves*, lavender blossoms*, lime leaves*, lime blossoms silver*, lungwort*, lemon balm herb*, orange leaves*, quendel herb*, nettle herb*, Blackberry leaves*, strawberry leaves*, raspberry leaves*, capuchin herb*, lemongrass*, corn hair*, marjoram*, rose petals pink*, celery leaves*, centaury herb*, chervil leaves*), Buckwheat*, millet*, walnuts*, tiger nuts*, vegetables 1.6 % (beetroot*, cabbage leaves*, lentils red*, carrots*, radish black*, zucchini*, asparagus*, chickpeas*, beans*, broccoli*, Horseradish root*, spinach*, onions*), spices*, Jerusalem artichoke*, amaranth*, rose hips*, pomegranate seeds*, pistachios*

*ingredient from organic farming

Packaging unit: 150g (enough for about 2 weeks)

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